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He Said, He Said: The Arroyo-De Venecia Face-Off

November 23, 2008

fg-jdv-quoteThough still nursing an upset stomach, it’s not surprising that Atty, Jose Miguel Arroyo is blistering mad over the reported revelation of his kumpadre and former House Speaker Jose De Venecia about that alleged meeting in Shenzhen that the First Couple had with the top honchos of ZTE.

It’s JDV’s word against ‘Big Mike’s’ so it’s probably a toss-up given both gentlemen’s known low credibility with Filipinos.

JDV, for one, is suspected to be planning his latest political makeover as Senator in the 15th Congress if the 2010 elections do take place with his namesake, the known ZTE-NBN losing proponent, raring to “inherit” his dad’s congressional seat in Pangasinan.

So just who Filipinos will believe is really immaterial given the equally dubious agendas of the protagonists: one’s continued stay in power while the other is supposedly championing the interests of Juan dela Cruz.

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