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‘Family Pictures’ And The Stories They Tell

November 24, 2008


Former Speaker Jose De Venecia is launching his “authorized biography” written by a former editor of the Wall Street Journal, an apparent shot at presenting his version of contemporary history most specifically focused on his life and times as 5-term helmsman of the ‘bigger chamber’ of the Philippines’ post martial law legislature.

De Venecia’s political life is a storied one indeed tracing its roots to ‘JDV’ starting out as a humble journalist from Pangasinan and moving on to see his political star rise as close ally of Ferdinand Edralin Marcos with never a day out of the political spotlight with an almost Rasputin-likevpresence in the administrations of Ramos, Estrada, and until several months ago, with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

So De Venecia has posed in countless ‘family pictures’ with the high and mighty.

But the latest, featured in page 148 of his biography ‘Global Filipino’ is serving as Exhibit ‘A’ in JDV’s charge that GMA and husband Jose Miguel Arroyo were “actively involved” in the fraudulent ZTE-NBN scandal.

Appearing before the House Committee on Justice this morning, De Venecia is seeking to “give substance” to the examination of the 4th impeachment complaint against the sitting president.

The First Gentleman is saying JDV is a bare-faced liar while JDV’s retort is simply that pictures cannot lie.

As ‘family pictures’ do go, one can infer volumes from the relaxed smiles and the temper of thge times, with many questions begging for answers.

Is that Chinese gentleman in the photograph with the Philippine First Couple indeed a top official of the Chinese telecoms giant ZTE?

What is former COMELEC Chairman Benjamin Abalos doing with the presidential party?

How and why did it come about that after the heretofore unknown trip to Shenzhen the proposed ZTE-NBN project became a government-to-government deal with Manila contracting a huge loan from China instead of the Philippines not having to spend a centavo to build a national broadband network?

JDV says he is “telling all” for God and country.

On whose side are the personalities he is accusing then?


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