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Three Likely GMA Appointees To SC Listed; Tinga To Be Ombudsman?

November 24, 2008


As the impeachment hearings take place and the Arroyos and De Venecias trade barbs about under the table, and ‘including the table’ sell-outs of the public interest, quiet maneuvers are continuing to firm up the choice for new members of the Supreme Court and a couple of other sensitive offices.

This writer has it on good word that Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez is quickly boning up on her constitutional law in preparation for higher office: to fill one of the 7 upcoming vacancies in the Supreme Court in 2009.

Gutierrez will leave behind quite a pile of case folders, not least among them the long pending plunder and graft charges against former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn ‘Joc Joc Bolante.

No matter really as her successor is rumored to be none other than retiring Justice Dante Tinga.

Justice Tinga, our sources reveal, has been prevailed upon by his clan to forego earlier plans to recapture the helm of bustling Taguig City where his son, Mayor Freddie, is completing his third term.

The younger Tinga will demure in favor of his beauteous wife while the political merry-go-round will have him run for Taguig’s congressional seat.

Back at the Supreme Court, outgoing Solicitor General Agnes Devanadera is still being assured of a slot despite pending plunder and disbarment cases.

The third shoo-in as new justice in the Supreme Court is celebrated elections lawyer Romulo Macalintal who is a frequent news media interviewee and is one of President Arroyo’s quick-shooting election lawyers.

Those are three of the seven expected appointees Malacanang will name: Gutierrez, Devanadera, and Macalintal with 4 more to go.

Quite a New Year it will be at the highest court of the land.

How about the Office of the Solicitor General you ask?

For that you’d have to ask Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Hermogenes Esperon if he’s willing to lose his favorite folder-shuffler. That 30-something lawyer co-argued Malacanang’s failed bid to save face in the en banc sessioins on the MoA-AD case.

Just recently Malacanang also lost in its Motion for Reconsideration with the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity plan ruled with finality as being unconstitutional.

That’s surely a temporary ‘setback’.

Well before 2010, Chief Justice will be the only member of the Supreme Court whose appointment papers do not bear the signature of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

No wonder CJ Puno is seriously thinking about what he WILL DO in 2010.


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