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(Un)Serving The Ends Of Justice

November 25, 2008


The proverbial balanced scales of justice tangled, and lost, against the un-blindfolded personification of Lady Justice in the just-announced Sandiganbayan acquittal of one-time Justice Secretary Hernando ‘Nani’ Perez on a technicality

Thanks to Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez foot-dragging, two of the four ‘diluted’ crimes against Perez for the bribes he allegedly got for approving the tainted multi-million project proposed by the Argentine firm IMPSA have been thrtown out.

The Sandiganbayan ruled that the Ombudsman lost its authority to file the case as it violated  Perez’s right to a speedy trial.

Then Manila Rep. Mark Jimenez had accused Perez of plunder in 2002.

This because Perez supposedly extorted $2 million from him in exchange for DOJ chief relenting in forcing Jimenez to execute damaging affidavits against certain individuals in the Estrada administration.

Ombudsman Gutierrez did not issue a resolution ordering the filing of charges until January 2007 with the cases lowered to simply robbery and extortion.

Two other remaining cases against Perez are now almost certain to be junked.

Such has been the trademark of the current Ombudsman in handling of serious charges against perceived administration friends.

Given this ‘sterling’ performance, it is no that Madame Gutierrez is tipped to ‘ascend’ to the Supreme Court.

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