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Term Extension, Impeachment, And Shanghai Crabs

November 26, 2008


The House Committee on Justice is getting a lesson in jurisprudence, particularly the bases for the determination of susbtantive facts in the 4th impeachment complaint against President Gloria Macapagal Aquino.

Arguing for the outnumbered minority, San Juan congressman Ronaldo Zamora is pointing out why at least 80 congressmen should support the complaint and allow a full impeachment trial to take place.

On the side of the embattled regime, it took an 83-year-old solon, staunch and well-favored Arroyo ally, Pablo Garcia of Cebu to assail Arroyo’s accusers, alternately was religious and ridiculous.

At yesterday’s hearing, Mr. Garcia likened the accusations against his president to the Crucifixion claiming that the complainants wanted “to impeach Pres. Arroyo purely on the basis of public opinion surveys and media reports.”

Garcia upped his argument further, asserting that “even if Mrs. Arroyo did actualy have lunch with ZTE officials in Shenzhen, “eating Shanghai crabs is not an impeachable offensive.”

Outrageously comedic as the remark is, one is reminded about how Press. Secretary Jesus Dureza intoned the name of the Lord in praying that Mrs. Arroyo “be3 given the forebearance to continue leading the Philippines until 2010 and even beyond that.”

As the House Committee on Justice prepares to decide the fate of the impeachment complaint, here’s food for thought: the revelation of House Resolution 550 authored by former governor and now Batangas congressman Hermilando Mandanas.

Its substance: the extension until 2011 of the expiring terms of elective officials, including that of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

How will the Committee vote, you think?

Will the larger interest of the nation prevail or will public clamor be stifled yet again?

The temptation of having all their terms extended may prove to be the deciding factor.

Update: Minutes ago, Rep. Matias Defensor’s committeevoted 42-8 to junk the impeachment case as being “insufficient in substance.”

But not before Defensor became red-faced at the denunciation by Bukidnon congressman Feofisto ‘TG Guingona III of what he called the “timelined plotb to extend the term of GMA and other elective officials.”

TG, namesake of his illustrious patriot father, former vice president Teofisto Guingona, Jr. told his colleagues to stop the charade and ask their consciences “IF YOU REALLY WANTGLORIA ARROYO TO BRING BACK THE DARK DAYS OF DICTADORIAL RULE.”

The gallant words appeared to have fallen on deaf ears, at least for now.

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