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The Battle Against Cha-Cha And Term Extension

November 26, 2008

Your Midfielder wrote a month or so ago that the 4th impeachment complaint is much like a still-born fetus with no chance of seeing the blight of day as it were, given the superior numbers of congressmen on the side of the incumbent.
If we are to believe news reports, the fate of the complaint at today’s deliberations of the House Committee on Justice was decided last night at the storied Linden Suites in Pasig.

Yes Linden was the venue of the backroom meetings in late 1999 that sealed the fate of the Republic’s 13th president: movie actor-turned charismatic politician-turned plunder convict and pardonee Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

This time on the eve of the committee meeting chaired by Representative Matias DSefensor, lawmakers lined up with palm opens to allegedly receive their ‘kill the impeachment complaint’ bon-bons.

True enough, despite opposition appeals to their sense of patriotism and the need to do what is right, the 42-8 vote killing the case has come to pass.

Never mind that men of conviction like Teofisto ‘TG’ Guingona III of Bukidnon revealed what he called “a time-lined plot authored by Malacanang to use charter change to extend the term of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo beyond 2010,” as ‘prayed’ for just last week by presidential spokeman and press secretary Jesus Dureza.

Guingona was referring to the four days of continuos hearings calendared by Defensor and the revelation that Malacanang ally, Batangas congressman Hermilando Mandanas had already filed House Resolution 550 to extend the term of elective officials, Arroyo include, until June 2011.

Congressman Victor Ortega tried to deny this at first.

He had to lamely admit it when presented with proof.

Ortega said his Committee on Constitutional Amendments may report out Mandanas’ resolution for approval on second reading in the coming days.

Guingona asked his colleagues,”do you really want Mrs. Arroyo to stay in office forever and bring us back to the dark days of martial law?”

The young legislator was quietly applauded by the gallery, appreciative that ‘TG’s sense of history draws heavily from the front line battle his father, former vice president Teofisto ‘Tito’ Guingona Jr. fought against Ferdinand Edralin Marcos’  two decades of 1-man-rule.

It is a lonely fight that TG Guingona and his colleagues in the minority are waging.

But it is the honorable and patriotic battle.

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  1. cocoy826 permalink
    November 27, 2008 7:12 am

    The moral question for all Filipinos is how much longer are they to put up with a government that doesn’t represent the will of our people? (Or does it?) Is “the Silent Majority” in favor of Gloria’s aims to steal more, or are they just cowards and/or too lazy to demand her removal, along with all of her Neocon henchmen?

    Are Filipino’s silent because they are asleep to the danger the Arroyo regime is creating for them? Or are they silent because the media have confused them to the point they have given up and turned on something more entertaining?

    My question is, What are we going to do about it? Grumble and then go back to watching Pinoy Fear Factor or some other useless fantasy dreamed up by the media to distract us from our duty as free men and women?

    Or have the majority of Filipino resigned themselves to not being free, as long as the 3 kilos NFA keeps rolling along? And the rest of us, who know better, are resigned to being dragged to our fate by the rest?

    Impeachment of Gloria would be a good start. They don’t want to impeach Arroyo and make Noli De Castro President and they don’t want to impeach both and make Juan Ponce Enrile President, either. Reading Enrile’s gushing speech to the Senate and to Filipino people should alert us that he would be even more willing than Arroyo to use his power to restore freedom in our country.I don’t know,Maybe,I was reading Enrile’s speech way back 1986.

    Ideally, most of Congress should also be impeached for tacitly going along with Gloria Arroyo’s election cheating, but that’s not practical. We have bigger fish to fry.

    Cocoy’s Delight

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