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The Joc Joc Bolante Look And ‘Expose’

November 26, 2008


Gone is the bewildered, almost disoriented look of some four weeks ago when he arrived after two-and-a-half years in the United States.

Fully refreshed after his restful confinement at the country’s 5-star hospital and invigorated by his homecoming to plush Ayala Alabang, former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn ‘Joc Joc’ Bolante now attends the legislative hearings with his ears peeled and 20/20 vision surveying the crowd of inquisitors and onlookers.

The  ex-Rotarian’s lawyers have been ‘prepping’ him well and despite his professed memory lapses, Mr. Bolante even sounds combative at times when peppered with questions aimed at probing his consistency, and conscience.

Repeatedly the alleged architect of the P728-M fertilizer fund scam has been challenged to tell the truth.
Indeed he has, as far as he is concerned.

To be fair, what Bolante has really done in the process of clearing himself and absolving President Arroyo of any role in the anomaly is he has exposed how an agency as cash-rich as the Department of Agriculture is home to a syndicate of budget release facilitators, fertilizer procurers and fund-disbursers to supposed ‘project proponents at local government units and congressional districts which are on the favored and right side of the political fence.

The Senate blue ribbon committee is now thinking of having Bolante re-arrested because of his perceived and sustained ‘lie-making’ with even regional directors of the agriculture department now belying Bolante’s claim that they ‘operated’ the fraudulent “farm inputs projects.”

Against this backdrop there is not a single sign that Bolante will change his story despite the growing list of congressmen facing graft charges over the fund scam and disavowals of fund recipients listed in the roster manufactured in Bolante’s old office in Quezon City.


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