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Fighting Charter Change and Term Extension

November 29, 2008


“President Arroyo’s allies have killed the impeachment case, yes, but the greater battle we must wage is the gtrand design to keep her in power ad infinutum by maneuvering charter change to suit her agenda.”

Thus declared Bukidnon congressman Teofisto ‘TG’ Guingona today as word came out that Malacanang ally, Rep. Hermilando ‘Dodo’ Mandanas of Batangas has withdrawn his controversial proposal to extend the term of all elective officials to 2011.

These developments come on the eve of what may be the beginning of what several Catholic bishops believe should be a new people power action against a widely discredited president.

Guingona told the Kapihan sa Sulo hotel forum that “the Filipino people simply do not believe Malacanang’s avowals that Mrs. Arroyo will leave office in 2010 given her track record and what congressmen loyal to her are doing.”

True indeed and the reality is that once a constitutient assembly is convened, the entire Constitution will be laid open to changes, invcluding the term limits.

Another telling point is that this early, Arroyo stalwaters like KAMPI President, Rep. Luis Villafuerte is declaring that they are ready to go all the way to the Supreme Court to insist that the Senate and House of Representives should vote as one on the matter of charter change.

It’s a no-brainer to realize that with their overwhelming majority in the House, cha-cha will so easily be railroaded by the pro-Gloria solons.

The battle is most definitely against charter change and term extension.

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