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Calmness Under Fire

November 30, 2008


It is the week of Advent in the religious calendar of Asia’s predominantly Catholic nation with the faithful counseled to prepare for the coming of the Savior.

While they are hopefully united in prayer, different intentions are likely in their hearts.

Boxing-crazy Pinoys are surely storming the gates of heaven with petitions for Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao to emerge victorious in his megabucks fight versus Mexico’s Golden Boy, Oscar Dela Hoya.

We haven’t seen the betting odds from Las Vegas bookmakers yet, but you can be sure one of those betting big money on a Pacquiao win is the deputy national security adviser, Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson.

But I digress.

Other than Manny’s winning chances, Filipinos with the nation’s political future in mind are praying for deliverance from what they consider to be the worst misgovernance to visit the archipelago since the 20-year reign of Ferdinand Marcos.

Not to be outdone, Press Secretary Jesus Dureza and his Cabinet colleagues, back-stopped by their like-minded and well-funded friends in Congress, are in prayer for the success of charter change, charter change that their detractors suspect aims only to prolong their stay in office beyond what is legal.

How about the lady in the middle of the political maelstrom?

Well President Grolia Macapagal Arroyo certainly has been praying for the continued resilience of husband Jose Miguel Arroyo’s health  and for Filipinos to believe her this time when she says she will relinquich power and leave Malacanan Palace for good in 2010,

Lastly,how about all the wannabees?

Well they all shudder at the ‘No-El scenario, along with the danger that a new edition of People Power before 2010 wuld install a rumored People’s Revolutionary Council – a junta that could either bring forth either a truly reformist new dawn, or worse, a caudillo.
Looking across the troubled socio-political landscape, made even more tense by the fighting in Mindanao, Filipinos, all of us, are praying for peace, and for “the truth,” which as the Good Book promises,”will set us free.”

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