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Of Bible Edicts and History Lessons

November 30, 2008

This First Sunday of Advent coincided with the day of protests called by prominent Catholic bishops voicing out the people’s anger over misgovernance and corruption.

So it may be that the deputy presidential spokesman felt he was free to quote the Good Book to lecture the bishops about why his boss remains in power:

golez-1130quoteDr. Golez’s remarks are misplaced and unfortunate, specially as they are suppposed to mirror the sentiments of the incumbent.

Putting it simply, the deputy presidential spokesman is telling Filipinos that it is God’s will for them to suffer the human rights violations, corruption, and oppression visited upon this country during the nearly 9-year-long reign of GMA so far.

Golez is saying this to our face as Filipinos are raising their voices and fists against term extension via charter change or emergency rule.

Golez must realize that while the Holy Bible does lay day edicts to guide us, these are intended to make us love and do justice to our brethren, not to oppress them.

Golez, the medical doctor that he is, should also know that when pain becomes unbearable, specially pain unjustly inflicted, the miserable strike back.

As the French learned in the storming of the Bastilles, it is human nature, and birth right, not to settle for scraps.


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