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The Con-Ass Con Game, The Con-Con Dice Throw

December 15, 2008

The zarzuela to rewrite the 1987 Constitution is still showing with its congressional actors from political theater companies KAMPI and LAKAS supposedly bickering in the face of widespread bad reviews.

Most Filipinos know that the constituent assembly mode of drafting charter changes before 2010 is just a badly produced confidence game that will serve only the term extension plans of the incumbent.

Lapdogs, their pockets stuffed with bonuses, continue their tall tales of executive sincerity to relinquish power in 2010.

Now the larger backdrop is starting to read: with the Con-Ass Con Game exposed, the only palatable option will be an elected Constitutonal Convention AFTER 2010.

he ill-agenda’ed charter change production managers know the option is both more expensixe, and riskier, for their other intended ‘reforms’.

But this may ultimately be the only way to go, for the sake of their own political future, the larger interest of the national body politic, and the survival of Philippine democracy.
All’s well that end’s well?

A big may be.

The charter change scenario with the acceptable time frame now becomes a dice throw with Filipinos being given a better, fairer chance of rolling clear-to-a-better-future ‘snake eyes’.

But as political games go, we must all remain vigilant against the dice being loaded with pre-determined, ‘pre-owned’ ConCon delegates.

If such individuals populate that body, they will churn out a new but still crappy fundamental law which, while printed on pristine white paper, may bear ill-intentioned watermarks selling out the national patrimony.

Can we buy insurance against losing in the post Arroyo charter change game?

Not really.

But if we are ever going to improve out collective lot as a people, it will never be enough to replace an unpopular regime nor to break up corruption-prone congressional majorities.

We must fight corruption within us, we must reform, we ust become the very change we aspire for, and believe in it.

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