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The Unrepentant Mar Roxas

December 15, 2008


It’s been three days since Sen. Mar Roxas’ uncharacteristic outburst when he used the Pilipino equivalent of the expletive S.O.B damn the still-unwithdrawn before 2010-charter change-through-constituent assembly maneuver.

On nationwide radio this morning the Liberal Party president and putative presidential standard bearer said he is unrepentant and is not about to apologize.

In fairness to Mar, he is correct in saying he simply voiced out what many angry Filipinos are saying against the unpopular regime which has very little political capital left.

Senator Roxas is also correct to assume that the congressional charter change push will stop only if Gloria Macapagal Arroyo wills it.

But GMA isn’t stopping the Con-Ass move just yet even as her operators are quietly moving to start up the -Con-Con game as Plan ‘B’

Senator Mar (who was GMA’s own trade and industry secretary several years ago) reckons that since GMA was herself unrepentant despite having sad “I am sorry” for making the “Hello Garci” phone call, then he’d rather not make an insincere apology either.

His detractors are saying it was a cheap publicity stunt.

Having worked with the good senator when he was at the DTI, your Midfielder feels that the net result is now Mar has fully severed any remaining invisible umbilical cord with GMA.

Resorting to expletives may not seem to be the most gentlemanly way of cutting that cord but there is now no way to reattach it.

The unrepentant Mar Roxas has declared war and fully cast his lot with millions of other very angry Filipinos.

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