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Malacanang Prepping A ‘Bull Run’ For Cha-Cha in 2009

December 18, 2008


In deference to the Christmas season, Malacanang and its lieutenants in Congress are ‘officially’ putting the widely denounced charter change-through-Con Ass-before 2010 in the backburner.
But it is not retreating.
As signalled by Speaker Prospero Nograles, the cha-cha train caboose is simply being put in the garage till January 27 where is will be ‘retooled’.
The objective is totransform the locomotive and its highly suspicious cargo into a creature that is more palatable if not resitance-proof to the 23 Senators who’ve all signed their “no way you’ll pass that through us” resolution.”
This writer has it on good authority that the formula will now call for a legal mongrel combining an elected constitutional convention but combined with a percentage of appointed delegates as will be sought for and recommended ‘overwhelmingly endorsed’ resolutions to be transmitted during the holidays by city and municipal mayors, barangay associations and federations, and citizens’ organizations and assemblies.
Such will constitute what will be reported as a “snowballing clamor from the nation’s nooks and crannies to rewrite the 1987 now to secure the nation’s economic future and adapt its governmental machinery to the needs of the times.”
The post-Christmas ‘rebirth’ of the charter change push will ‘sell’ the image a more acceptable cha-cha train “having taken into account true the true voices of our people which cancel out the divisive political noise from misguided churchmen and bad-mouthed politicians.”
Instead of the noisy, pollution- spewing image of a train, a new beast will be coming out.
So as when 2009, the year of the ox, begins, the Arroyo administration will be unleashing its own bull run for charter change and those in the way will risk being gored or trampled underfoot.

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