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The Iligan Bombings And The Terrorism Bogey

December 19, 2008


Police and military authorities are pointing to the usual suspects: either Moro rebel or communist insurgents as the likely authors of the twin department store bombings in Iligan City that killed at least 2 people and wounded nearly 50 others.

The bombings came days after the MILF  laughed at the apparent premature Malacanang announcement that the newly reorganized peace panel for Mindanao led by foreign affairs undersecretary Rafael Seguis would sit down with its MILF counterpart.

Just a couple of weeks ago there were initial contacts with the communist National Democratic Front to restart peace talks but the impasse on that front largely remains

The military, with its forces spread thinly and ammunition supplies running low, has proposed the suspension of offensive military operations (SOMO) during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

With its tenure expiring in the next 17 months, the Arroyo regime is working double time to be able to include peace initiatives in Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s  ‘legacy’ list.

No one can and should begrudge her for chasing this goal as every leader should.

Te question is whether the insirgents will oblige her given the regime’s nearly worn out political capital which it is also expending on the highly unpopular charter change push.

One must ask just what positive contribution has come from recently appointed deputy national security adviser Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson and how his supposed tag-teaming with Norberto Gonzales is faring.

Presidential adviser on nthe peacev process Hermogenes EWsperon is supposedly fully staffed but not much has been heard from him swince the MoA-AD debacle.

So what we are seeing are the Iligan bombings and the continued abductions staged by the Abi Ayyaf.

We will obviously continue to have sleepless nights with the terrorism bogey well in evidence Christmas or no Christmas

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