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‘Periscoping’ The 2010 Presidential Derby

December 21, 2008



The 2010 presidential elections are some 17 months away and barring any successful attempt by narrow-and-dark-agenda’ed entities to scuttle the polls, I am making an early ‘periscoping’ of possible tandems which will be at the starting gate.

You will note that it’s only for Senator Mar Roxas, the Liberal Party’s presumed standard bearer, for whom your Midfielder sees no clear vice presidential running mate at this time.

Mine is admittedly an educated guess at best.

But I am basing my prediction on both the unmistakable ‘body language’ of the presumed pairings regardless of the hubris-tainted posturings of such ‘declared’ presidential wannabees like Makati’s Jejomar Binay and that presumptuous singer answering to the name Bayani Fernando.

Don’t get me wrong,

I think both Binay and Fernando are serious about running but you have to time-stamp their determination to only this pre-candidacy-filing stage.

Me thinks these could mainly be ‘negotiating postures’ that the two men are making, in the same way that former presid4ent Erap thinks the Court will not disqualify him. Senator Ping Lacson is, for his part, assuming he can still muster funding support from the Filipino Chinese community and the wealthy kidnap-for-ransom victims whose lives he saved,

VP Noli De Castro is banking on his current strong popularity ratings to convince GMA to indeed anoint him while recently deposed Senate president Manny Villar , and Estrada, are the only independently wealthy wannabees who can fund their own runs.

Sen. Loren Legarda will have to settle for what Mr. Danding Cojuangco will decide for her and unless he make  monumental mistake Sen. Chiz Escudero has the Cojuangco nod.

The missing  presidential timber in  my montage is Defense Secretsary Gilbert Teodoro who remains undecided, or is playing coy, despite being courted by Malacanan. Mr. Taodoro likely knows he has time on  his side and may opt to head the administration senatorial slate without severing his ties with the Nationalist People’s Coalition.

While the configurations can still be altered dramatically given likely deals which the various parties and wannabees will forge and the immense logistical challenge of waging a national presidential campaign..

It’s been estimated that a candidate will need at least PhP  2.5-B for his effort alone, apart from the bigger amounts needed to back a full senatorial slate at party level, al9ng with the congressional and local elective posts.

Even Ali Baba and his 40 thieves would think twice about venturing into the Philippine electoral jungle without any hidden profit motivation.

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