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Anatomy of Syndicated Corruption: Scamming The Farmers

December 22, 2008


The latest hearing of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the fertilizer fund scam is going into its 5th hour as I write this and I already feel like puking.

The interlocking admissions of alleged Bolante ‘runner’ Maritess Aytona, fertilizer supplier (Feshan Phils., Inc.) Julie Gregorio, ‘funder’ Neci Llarena and facilitator Jose Barredo revealed the intricate web of corruption that guaranteed the theft of Php 728-M  in fertilizer aid funds for Filipino farmers.

While denying that she was the ‘runner’ of former undersecretary Jocelyn ‘joc Joc’ Bolante, Aytona has finally admitted how she coordinated with fugitive bagman Jimmy Paule in transacting the purchase of overpriced, and diluted liquid fertilizers.

Paule is considered the missing link with supposedl acess to Malacanang.

It’s also been exposed how Llarena wittingly acted as up-front funder subject to reimbursement of filtched government funds while Gregorio willingly booked fake money entries way in excess of actual cost,  Barredo in turn detailed how dummy foundations were used to launder the stolen funds.

Acting in concert, all the three allowed their company record and documents to be used to give the transactions the cover of legality, including the availment of tax amnesty for monies booked in the scam.

The scam has now almost fully revealed the huge machinations involved in the syndicated corruption in the Department of Agriculture in the crucial months leading up to the fraud-marred 2004 presidential elections.

These revelations await what should be the final confirmatory deposition of then agriculture secretary Luis ‘Cito’ Lorenzo who is in de facto exile in the United States, separated from his wife and kids since the scandal broke out.

Lorenzo cannot escape accountability for the grand theft of ferdilizer aid funds during his watch.

Lorenzo first hinted at his readiness to spill the beans in a phoine conversation nearly three weeks ago with an old friend and noted economist writer.

Lorenzo still has a final chance to clear his name and return home.

Will he finally point his finger at the real brains in the scam apart from alleged scam architect Bolante.

If not for his sake, his children’s sake.

Your move Mister Lorenzo, Tell all about the scam, and tag THE SCUM.

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