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Happy New Year Awaits Joc Joc Bolante

December 23, 2008


The much-pilloried alleged architect of the scam that stole PhP 728-M from Filipinos farmers to help fund the fraud-marred 2004 presidential elections is right on schedule to celebrate a happy scot-free New Year.

This been guaranteed by no less than reputed Palace-link-cum-financier Jimmy Paule ahead of the next hearing of the Senate blue ribbon committee as 2009 begins.

The only thing missing was a gift wrapper as Paule held court at a news conference and unflinchingly declared “I do not know Mr. Bolante.”

Paule closed the loop by adding that while “while it would be an honor” he said he was “in no way close to Malacanan.”

Paule’s remarks coincided with a radio interview by one of the deputies of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez who revealed the “while we are almost ready to release our findings on the cases against Bolante our field investigation teams have not recommended that Bolante be charged with plunder but with other lesser violations of the Anti Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.”

So there we have it.

Don’t be surprised that the Senate hearings will amount to anything more than remedial legislation. The worst case that may prosper against Joc Joc are the false testimony charges okayed by Senator Richard Gordon.

You can bet that with Gutierrez still at the helm of the government anti-graft prosecutorial agency, scammers like you know who will continue laughing all the way to the bank with stolen public funds lining their deep pockets.

Former solicitor general Francisco Chavez delivered a succinctly quotable quote as he summed up how Filipino should not get their hopes up for truth and justice to prevail in the fertilizer fund scam.



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