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Scandalizing The Suffering: The Pangandaman-Dela Paz Melee

December 29, 2008

The feuding Pangandamans and Dela Pazes are still on Page One,

The accused father and son golfing buddies were on nationwide radio and TV today to profess their innocence and  claiming self defense.

The ‘honorable’ 27-year-old mayor of a little known town in Lanao accused a junior golfer 13 years his junior of having wielded an angry fist first as the young man’s 56-year-ild father peppered him with invectives and the man’s daughter poking him with an umbrella.

Not content, one of the Dela Pazes also allegedly whipped Nasser Pangandaman Jr with steel golf club that fractured his left hand little finger.

Well ahead of the Pangandamans’ belated ‘story of grief, the Dela Pazes had come out with their version of how Mr. Delfin Dela Paz and his son were mauled what had last Friday in Antipolo’s Valley Golf and Country Club.

So in a society where hunger is deepening and corruption is in the upper reaches of government we are now treated to a show of the comportment of those of power and pelf when quarrelling over golf etiquette.

The courts will eventually decide who’s telling the truth in this damnable Yuletide episode.

How about the rest of society which has been needlessly scandalized?
What of the sitting president and how a member of her official family has managed to further erode whatever is left of presumed public esteem of her administration?


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