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Welcoming The Year of the Ox

December 29, 2008


Everyone’s counting down the last days of 2008 with the news media releasing their traditional year-ender summaries and tagging the person/s of the year.

This writer humbly submits that for the Philippines the people of the year are our migrant compatriots who continue to toil abroad to keep this country economically afloat.

The OFWs share this distinction in my list with the corrupt in the highest echelons of the government of the day for exactly opposite reason: for weighing down the hopes of the Filipino people and for giving the Philippines the distinct of being tagged the most corrupt nation in Asia.

Also sharing the marquee on my list are Filipinos who have become apathetic of our country’s sordid cstate of affairs and failing to do their bit one way or another to uplift their personal lot and turning a blind eye on corruption and other crimes in their midst.

Having said this, there still is absolutely no reason for us not to look bat the coming Year of the Ox with hope. Hope that our resiliency as a people will rise up to the surface and steel us for the harder times ahead while keeping faith in our fellow man.


I share the humorous montage of ‘modernized’ Confucian sayings to welcome the new year with a smile but with the caveat that to prosper in the days ahead we ourselves must become the positive change we want our society to undergo.

Happy New Year folks.

And by the way, whichever way you choose to ring in the Year of the Ox, do stay safe,



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