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Manny Pacquiao, The Boxing King Turned Marketing Guru

January 2, 2009


How is it like to be on top of the world?
If there’s one Filipino who knows he’s the former panadero who began fighting the the backwoods of General Santos City and has now conquered the kingdom of boxing.
The once hungry Emmanuel Pacquiao is now the most sought after brand with Nike even designing a limited edition shoe for him emblazones with his very own monogram.
May 2 is now the next date to mark in red.
That’s when he climbs the square ring against the United Kingdom’s world welterweight titlist Ricky Hatton.
And what do you think, Pacquiao has immediately written a marketing tag by naming his new-born baby girl Queen Elizabeth!
What better way to pave the way for him to dedicate nis next fight to Queen Elizabeth!
I am sure Hatton is now left scratching his head.
Train hard he will with Manny raising the ante way beyond any cash prize they will both be guaranteed.
Many Pacquiao is no longer just the ‘King of Boxing’.
He is now also Master Marketer and Brand Stamper.
Can anyone beat that?

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