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Black Friday of Golf

January 4, 2009


Much has been written, and continues to be debated on, about that Black Friday of Golf at Valley Golf  and Country Club in Antipolo.

But woefully little has been said about what really took place.

I humbly submit that we must not lose sight of the fact that at the minimum the Dela Pazes could indeed have precipitated the melee through the act of public alarm scandal if the Pangandamans were showered with bigotry-laden expletives accompanied by the supposed golf umbrella poking incident.

In an effort to find succor and “appeal to Filipino bloggers to stop their unfair tirades,” Secretary Pangandaman was the special yesterday of President Noli De Castro on nationwide (and even worldwide radio and TV), using the entire DZMM radio time slot of De Castro to claim that even his 8-year-old grandson “ was traumatized” by the incident.

But as he was telling his version of events Secretary Pangandaman surprisingly did not clarify how the Dela Pazes ended up bloodied while he did nothing to stop to pacify the protagonists.

What did the ‘honorable’ Cabinet member and presidential alter-ago failed to clear uo was why he not step in as the cooler head?

I’ve just sought the opinion of a former UP College of Law who told me that “at the minimum, Secretary Pangandaman’s inaction constituted misconduct unworthy of a high ranking public official.”

As for the Mayor of Masiu, Lanao Del Sur, Nasser Junior, “it was an apparent display of abuse of power,” my source said.

By the way, Secretary Pangandaman told VP De Castro he will not resign.

He forgets that he serves at the pleasure of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

I am eager to see the results of both the in-house probe of Valley Golf plus thar of the Antipolo Police and the National Bureau of Investigation.

At the end of this soap opera, the conduct of the Pangandaman, the rank injustice and physical injuries inflicted on the Dela Plazes, even as they themselves are not blameless, are emblematic of our society’s state of affairs: power to the powerful, arrogance of the rich, and unmitigated paucity of good manners and right conduct in Philippine Society.

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  1. canarians permalink
    January 5, 2009 11:16 am

    I do believed that man is subjected to do wrong. I wish that Dela Pazes could widen their patience and forgive what has been done at Valley Golf, its a new year to move forward rather than making the issue sensation.


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