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The DOJ, The PDEA, And That ‘Alabang Boys’ Buy Bust

January 4, 2009



What’s With PDEA And DOJ Usec. Blancaflor?

It’s a sleepy Sunday.
But not really.

As the Pangandaman golf mauling incident simmers, another Cabinet rank officer, Justice Undersecretary  Ricardo Blancaflor is hard put to explain that call he made to PDEA on December 19 asking why the 3 suspects in the so called ‘Alabang Boys’ buy-bust operation had not yet been released despite the dismissal of the charges against them for “insufficiency of evidence.”

Without going into the merits of the case itself the revelation of the ‘intercessionary’ call Blancaflor made is starting to raise questions both about the PDEA’s handling of the case on the even of a legislative probe on the alleged bribery of state prosecutors for the case to be junked.
The PDEA has upped the ante in the ‘game’ by now tagging the 3 suspects as pushers.
I have received information that at least one of the suspect may offer to turn state witness.
Given this aspect, why then and for whom did Blancaflor make the call?
Blancaflor, to be fair, is known to be ramrod straight i legal matters such as this drug bust.

What gives then?

I am getting a feeling that either the PDEA case is getting stronger or it may be unravelling.

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