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Getting On With Our Lives After The Golf Melee

January 6, 2009


Public patience for and exasperation over that mauling incident at Antipolo’s previously uncontroversial Valley Golf and Country Club can be described as growing inversely proportional given the other events of greater import facing our society.

More and more Filipinos are losing jobs here, and abroad in the wake of the financial and economic crisis precipitated by unmitigated greed on Wall Street.

Going largely unreported in local mainstream media are the indiscriminate termination of contractual call center attendants in the Ortigas area and other BPO hubs.

You have the festering communist and Moro secessionist insurgencies.

So what we have is an inordinate amount of Pinoy blogosphere bandwidth being devoted to what is now a ‘He Says, She Says’ legal-and-battle-for public sympathy show playng for more thank two weeks now.

You can almost hear people shouting if not cursing “give us a break from your tirades and counter tirades.”

Now that the feuding clans have filed their respective criminal complaints against each other methinks we should begin living our own lives again.

One remaining loose end as far as this corner is concerned is just how the misconduct-by-inaction of Secretary Pangandaman is awaiting resolution.

It behooves the honorable secretary himself to demand that he be given a chance to clear his name once and for all if he is going to stay as a member of President Arroyo’s official family.

Zooming out, allow the legal processes kick in and leave this issue for the courts to settle.


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