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Missing GMA and The Return of Parity Rights

January 6, 2009


President Arroyo is holding her first Cabinet meeting of the year down south in Iligan City.

Malacanang says this is to underline the commitment to pursue the Mindanao peace process.

Perhaps, given as yet unconfirmed reports that the MILF may send emissaries to meet informally with GMA in Iligan..

Ahead of any photos of the Cabinet meeting among the last images Filipinos have seen of their president during the loooong Christmas break have been her family picture visiting Sagada, her Rizal Day visit to La Union, several provincial project visits, and her day with the dolphin.

Anything amiss here?

Nothing really but between the two raging controversies, the mauling incident involving one of her Cabinet members and the ‘Alabang Boys’ drug bust-PDEA-DOJ bribery saga we have an almost-absentee president?

This absence-by-design is curious.

We are left to wonder what net effect it has on the public mind and how public officials of high rank and who serve at the pleasure of the Chief Executive have been behaving, nay MISBEHAVING, in helter skelter fashion as they drag down the presumed prestige of the Office of the President and leave it all the more muddied.

The next story that will be in the headlines will be the report of the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments.

They will release the Cha-Cha-Year-of-the-Ox  run with particular focus on the manipulation of the transitory provisions along with the protectionist clause of the fundamental law on the national patrimony.

We are about to witness the return of PARITY RIGHTS FOR FOREIGNERS on the premise of making the Philippines super attractive to foreign investments and globally competitive.

So between non-accountable ‘mis-governance’ and extended vacations for a ‘hardworking president’ what more can we ask for?

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