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Pursuing Justice In The ‘Alabang Boys’ Drug Bust

January 8, 2009


Another young government personality in the middle of the suspected bribery angle in the drug but involving three scions of prominent families is State

Prosecutor John Resado, who had recommended the surprise junking of the PDEA complaint for lack of probable cause.

Resado, in similar fashion to that of Marine Major Ferdinand Marcelino told DZMM anchors Gerry Baja this morning described how his parents, both public school teachers labored to get him through law school, even borrowing money from usurers so he could achieve his dream.

Resado explained how he just couldn’t sustain the PDEA charges because of the “fatal procedural mistakes in the September entrapment operations which render the evidence obtained inadmissible in court.

Taking the young government lawyer at his word, it appears to have now emerged that the arrest of the so-called Alabang Boys was indeed a faulty operation a this writer surmised everal posts ago.

Resado concedes that Justice Secretary Gonzales may choose to overturn his brief an elevate the capital offense case to the courts.

Given the latest admissions from the Brodett clan, the situation perhaps really leaves just the route no matter how agonizing it will be for the three suspects and their kin.

There indeed should never be any shortcuts in the prosecution of cases such as this,  and the larger war against drug trafficking given PDEA’s estimates that up to 6 million Filipinos use prohibited drugs.

We must take an equally hard look at how police agencies like the PDEA go about their work and guard against not just lapses in procedure.

Such lapses, if not willful abuse of  discretion, lead to woeful violations of the rights of suspects regardless of their socio-economic station.


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