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Gonzales’s Mission: Deciding What Is Right

January 9, 2009


People are counting down the 10-day “automatic review” time frame set in his own recent Department Administrative Order No. 46 which covers such cases as the dismissal “for lack of probable cause” of the PDEA’s complaint against the ‘Alabang Boys’.

For the meantime, Secretary Gonzales has directed the members of the PDEA legal task force to “stay put,” including the State Prosecutor in the eye of the controversy: youthful barrister John RFesado.

Whether Gonzales sustains or reverses Resado’s findings, brickbats of the most disconcerting, and malice-laden kind will fly.

Interested parties will surely try to question his review findings all the way to the Office of the President, particularly with the now unresolvable attempted bribery angle.

To his credit, until the end of the automatic review period the DOJ boss will most surely keep silent lest he fuel speculations.

For the families of the suspects, hard to swallow as it is, Iwould think the best option is for the case to go to trial and leave the suspects’ fate to the justice system imperfect as it is.

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