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The GMRC Lesson For The Dela Pazes, And Pangandamans

January 11, 2009


The news first broke on GMA Network radio early last night and it’s only now that  GMA News On-Line is reporting the details of the 2-page Valley Golf decision expelling Mr. Dela Paz and suspending Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman for 2 years for the roles they played in th scandalous post-Christmas melee.

It is now fully apparent that VGCC hopes its action will be seen as fair to the feuding clans with the larger net effect of helping repair the Club’s own blotted image.

My own sources inside VGCC now tell me that not a few Club members feel the Dela Pazes, while “being fast on the draw to report their side in the blogosphere, and thus gained immediate public sympathy cannot now escape the reality of their own provocative misbehaviour.”

Truth does always emerge and the Pangandamans may really have “acted in self defense.”

The question that the courts will now have to decide IS how valid the self defense argument really is and when such action became excessive to the point of how gravely Bino Dela Paz and his 56-year-old father were mauled.

One past president of VGCC told me: “Nakatagpo sila ng katapat (They found their match).”


Secretary Pangandaman found it necessary to directly appeal to bloggers to stop condemning him and his sons, even intimating that his own aging father “was upset by the scandal.”

This writer grants the Pangandamans their bruised feelings, if not anger at bloggers.

But such is the public arena, the Filipino public in particular, that personages of rank in the government serving are expected to hold to higher standard of proper conduct in due respect to their exalted stations.

Let hatchets be buried with everyone drawing the necessary lessons in that basic school subject called Good Manners and Right Conduct.


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