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The Philippine Czarina

January 13, 2009


Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is crowning herself ahead of the 2010 elections.

But don’t rush to judgment. Her title is the ‘Czarina Versus Drug Trafficking’.

It’s temporary, Malacanang assures as it embarks on damage control in the latest manifestation of mis-governance by the government of the day with the frontline justice and police agencies at war with each other as internal battles also better in the agencies themselves.

That controversial dismissal of the PDEA complaint against the ‘Alabang Boys’ undergoing “automatic review” is now starting to gather dust on the desk of Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales whose team of state prosecutors has been decimated by forced leaves of absence ordered not by Gonzales les but by the ‘Czarina’.

While the action surely reflects on Gonzales’ own continued fitness to lead the DOJ, he is not flinching and says will not resign.

In the meantime the Alabang 3 remain detained technically without charges. The authorities probably think the three have already.been convicted in the media anyway.

So they languish in jail in much the same way as the countless unconvicted drug detainees in local jails where the keys have been thrown away.

Back to the ‘Czarina’ herself, how does one rebuild the shattered pillars of the criminal justice system with the latest assault being on the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

The suspicion is that the Palace could be orchestrating the impeachmnent threat to ensure that the charter change bull run is unimpeded.

Just the other day outraged city fiscals were reported to be considering going on a protest strike.

This morning, regional trial court judges were also saying they stand behind CJ Puno.

So will the Czarina also take over managing the courts?

What next?

The legislative department?

Not to worry. Her proxies are there running the show already.

Who needs to wait for 2010?


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