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Czarina Gloria, Her Feuding Subjects, And The War VS Drug Trafficking

January 15, 2009

gonzalz-quotedionisio-quoteOne day in her throne. as ‘Czarina Against Drug Trafficking’, the first edict of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for a halt to the DOJ-PDEA word war has gone pffft.

PDEA’s outspoken boss, self-advertised Marcos-era METROCOM agent Dionisio Santiago is daring Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez to sue him bringing dismissed reformist Magdalo soldiers and active duty men like Marine Major Ferdinand Marcelino into the PDEA.

The blustery Santiago told nationwide radio this morning his action had both presidential approval and the imprimaturs of Defense chief Gilbert Teodoro and then AFP Chief of Staff Hermogenes Esperon.

If this virtual slap was not enough, Secretary Gonzalez is also in a word war with 0ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez who, while being sphinx-like about Joc Joc Bolante. Is now saying there may be many as 10 ‘fix-cals among Gonzales’s stable of state prosecutors.

Wagging tongues are saying between sips of coffee that while GMA’s self-conferred  title is allowed in the Administrative Code, she may soon fill her plate to overflowing.

The title of Anti-Drug Trafficking Czarina is being booed and hailed all at the same time.

Her trumpeters are tooting that “this is leadership in action,” but already the Commission on Human Rights is raising doubts about the legality of the order for public school students to be subjected to random drug tests.

Indeed it must be asked why public school students are being singled out?

Is it because of their socio-economic stations that they are automatically lined up for drug testing?

With Secretary Gonzales’s statement about the doubtful legality of PDEA operations participated in by Major Marcelino and his ‘mistahs’ what happens now to the cases against the suspects collared by the PDEA’s military deputies?

It seems Czarina GMA will now be presiding over the unravelling of these cases, and the PDEA itself.

There is no question about the need for the war against drug abuse to continue.

But the sordid manner in which it is being waged by warring personalities, and agencies, compromises the drug war’s very integrity and success.

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