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The ICRC Terror Abduction In Sulu

January 16, 2009


The kidnapping of the 3 humanitarian aid workers from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)  is entering its third day with elite Marines now being thrown into the search and rescue operations deep in the mountain fastnesses of Sulu.

This is a thoroughly chilling, not to mention embarrassing crisis for Manila as it comes nearly 8 full years since the Abu Sayyaf-authored Sipadan hostage-taking incident and last June’s abduction of broadcast journalist Ces Orena Drilon.

Starkly apparent anew is Manila’s failure to eliminate the Abu Sayyaf with the latest stakes terrifyingly higher.

That the abductors are still unheard from is a dangerous riddle as the clock ticks makes the hostages’ fate terribly uncertain.

To be sure, despite official silence, the US military will be ‘lending’ its unmanned surveillance planes with highly sophisticated thermal sensors and high resolution look-down cameras to scoure the terrain for moving signs of life and camouflaged encampments.

We can only hope that as rescue commandoes track the malefactors and their victims no encounter, accidental or targeted erupts.

Our prayers go out for the hostages and the troops whose lives are both on the line.

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