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Castigating Bloggers

January 20, 2009


Philippine Star columnist (and Development Bank of the Philippines Director) Alex Magno has taken bloggers to task for the manner the Valley Golf melee was reported way ahead of mainstream media.


To be fair Mr. Magno raises several valid points about how bloggers, writing in the blush of the moment, did no fact checking and took the Bambee Dela Paz blog ‘scoop’ “hook-line-and-sinker.”

MSM did that too, he concedes.

In terms of him tracking the slant of the ‘thread openers’in the flood of blog ‘reports’, Mr. Margo is correct.

Magno  fails, however, to understand ‘the nature of the beast’ in this brave new world of blogging.

Magno does not realize that the reportage in blogging enables the commenters to fill in the late breaking details as they filter in, with the full picture being painted not by one author but a ‘collective.’

In the blogosphere, the  exchanges can, and do, become acrimonious, even laden with expletives.

And as the story unravels during the ‘life’ of a particular ‘blog thread’, the real  story will ‘out’.

As in the case of Bambee’s post, the details that emerged exposed her side’s Achilles heel: how her dad had been the ‘aggressor’.

Is that the whole story then?

Not really as it was also abundantly clear that the Dela Pazes, in the exercise of ‘self defence’ by the public officials, were mauled to the point of overkill, with a 14-year-old youngster left bleeding at the ears.

And this while the Pangandamans’ previously unreported bodyguard stood by with their high-powered rifles in full display.

Mr. Magno also fails to report that right after the scandal at Valley golf, the Cabinet member next surfaced playing golf in Baguio with presidential son, congressman Mikey Arroyo.

Was that not pregnant with a message to the other clan about how they had met their influential match. Mr. Magno is correct to point out the shortcomings of bloggers but he should note in what direction his thumb is pointing. Nuff said.

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