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“Unclench Your Fist”

January 21, 2009


The 44th President of the United States spoke to people beyond his nation’s borders today, spelling out in a little more detail his global message, his commitment to bring hope, unity, and change.

Barack Obama’s inaugural bore a pointed message for widely unpopular or leaders with questioned mandates: “unclench your fist.”

There is a Filipino saying: Ang hindi ukol, hindi bubukol (What is not directed as you won’t bulge).

Still another: Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan huwag magagalit (Don’t get angry if you’re hit by a shooting star),with a somewhat updated humorous version: Ang pikon, talo (The spoils-sport loses).

So there may or may not be a message here for those who currently hold the reins of power in these 7,101 islands.

And the message is not just a warning but a recitation of Obama’s terms of engagement, if not endearment, for those living in the Palace by the Pasig.

You can take a bet that among the first diplomatic dispatches to the White House is a formal invitation for Mr. Obama to make a state visit to Manila before May 10, 2010.It bears watching if GMA will unclench her fist.

As everyone takes solace in the inaugural remarks, the greater need is for Mr. Obama message to be acted upon by the target audience.

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