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Ermita ‘Advises’ Obama; NTC Mulls ‘Licensing’ Bloggers

January 22, 2009


Executive Secretary Ermita must have surely said it off the cuff.

He was responding to a reporter’s query about whether Malacanang felt Mrs. Arroyo “was being alluded” to when the new US president spoke about how foreign leaders should “unclench their fists.”

This with regard to staying in power through deceit and by stifling dissent while saddled with corruption in office.

Sadly Mr. Ermita, popularly considered ‘the little president’ quite imprudently dispensed unsolicited, and misplaced advise, to the leaders of the most powerful democracy in the world.

Having done that, Ermita has invited reactions about what Mrs.could ‘teach’ her American opposite number: mis-governance, how to lose a people’s mandate, and lack of accountability.

On the heels of the Ermita’s slip comes word that the National Telecommunication Commission is thinking of “requiring bloggers to register” (presumably as a requisite to do do on-line writing.”


If true, this machination means authorities want writers exercising the constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of speech to get licenses!!!

I can almost see the bright boys at the NTC backpedalling with egg on their faces and shoes being thrown at them.

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