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Narco-Politics And The 2010 Elections

January 23, 2009


There is nothing I’d want more than to fully embrace the claims of PDEA boss Dionisio Santiago given the tight grip drug trafficking appears to have on Philippine society.

Even admired Marine Ferdinand Marcelino sounds like he worships the ground his boss walk on.

But this claim about ‘narco-politics’ possibly influencing even the 2010 elections  leaves me wondering what agenda Santiago is really pursuing.

He refuses to name names and has not presented a whit of evidence, demanding that we only take his word as gospel truth, with President Arroyo as his confidante!

In effect Mr. Santiago is saying he has a dossier on politicians on the national stage, implying that these unnamed ‘narco-politicians better not cross him or Pres. Arroyo herself.

Anyone remember how in the U.S., FBI boss Herbert Hoover was widely reported to have harassed politicians about dossiers the FBI had against them?

This narco-politics spin, unsubstantiated as it is, fits well into a scenario where even genuine, non-criminal dissent may be stifled.

The onus is for Santiago to put his money where his psy-war-prone mouth is and present to Filipinos real hard evidence about national level narco-politicians.

Throw your suspects in jail, Mr. Santiago, and spare us your histrionics and psy-war tactics!

I suspect this, the one-time Marcos-era Metrocom officer may actually be engaged in a politically motivated black propaganda push where the ultimate beneficiary is the anti-drug trafficking Czarina and not Philippine society.

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