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Credibility On Trial: Big Mike VS Sen. Ping

January 28, 2009


True to form, Malacanang is shrugging off the latest brouhaha that has put First Gentleman Mike Arroyo under a most unflattering light, to put it lightly.

It is correct for the Palace to say that as always the burden of proof is on the accuser, the FG’s old nemesis, Sen. Lacson.

That’s also correct: the worn out but valid premise that the accused  is accorded the presumption of innocence unless found guilty in a court of law.

But given how the presidential spouse has figured in not a few cases where the tongues wag feverishly and circumstantial evidence hang heavy, the already low public regard for ‘Big Mike’ is dropping a notch further.

To be fair,  Atty. Mike belongs to the ‘old rich’ segment of Philippine society and his own legion of loyal friends and admirers.

A question that  lingers quite disturbingly is just how much beating can his and this administration’s image take with public disgust simmering?

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  1. asyongwashere permalink
    January 30, 2009 3:27 pm

    The action made by Sen. Lacson is praiseworthy. Sen. Santiago, in agreeing to investigate the world bank fiasco showed that she is willing to step on GMA’s foot if it’s for the good of our nation. The ball is now back on Lacson’s camp if he can produce the needed witnesses that can ultimately pin the first gentleman to the corrupt contractors. I heard Sen. Santiago promise that she will resume the hearings once the witnesses of Sen. Lacson surface.

    This independence from extraneous influences is more evident in the Senate than it is in the House, this gives the public a little more confidence in the upper chamber as opposed to the lower house which produced a sorry excuse for a hearing when they did the World Bank issue. Tsk tsk tsk

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