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Justice Compromised In Alabang Boys Saga?

January 28, 2009


The career of a young lawyer,  state prosecutor, hangs in the balance in the murky Alabang Boys illegal drug trafficking police entrapment caper.

What has now turned into a months-long drama was ignited when military agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency collared the scions of three prominent families in a tong operation.

In that incidnt last September,the suspects were cornered in southern Metro Manila’s gated Alabang Village after a car chase wherein the lawmen had to shoot at the suspects’ car tire to stop them.

The case took on a curious twist  when government lawyer John Resado made a surprise recommendation junking what PDEA thought was an airtight case.

PDEA boss, retired Marcos-era intelligence operative   Dionisio Santiago let loose(what he later admitted was a psy-war ploy: that PhP 50-M changed hands to ‘buy’ the dismissal of their complaint versus the Alabang Boys.

The feud between the Department of Justice and PDEA remains unresolved while Resado’s own disbarment has been sought by Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) led by Dante Jimenez.

This in the wake of revelations that the young state prosecutor’s  previously undisclosed bank account for a money lending  ‘side business’ swelled by at least Php 800,000 on the same day he recommended the dismissal of the PDEA case.

  • Was the PDEA telling the truth after all about government lawyers having been ‘bought’?
  • What happens now to the Alabang Boys who are into the fourth months of detention without formal charges against them in court?

An independent panel composed of retired eminent jurists is reviewing the complex issue with far more than the fate of the Alabang Boys at stake.

While there is no question that the war on drug trafficking must be fought relentlessly, but have  the pillars of our criminal justice system become so dysfunctional as to achieve the ends of law enforcement and justice for all?

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