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GMA Forming Her Own ‘KBL’

January 29, 2009


It looks a like the 2010 elections will indeed be held as mandated by the Constitution with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo relinquishing power.

Not a few are counting down the days left in the term Missus Arroyo ‘won’ in 2004,

I must admit I am still one of the ‘doubting Thomases’ and the matching orders GMA gave today for her chief political adviser, Gabby Claudio, to shepherd the merger of the Kabalikat ng Mamayang Pilipino (KAMPI) and the Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (Lakas-CMD) is the clearest signal that the 2010 balloting is a go.

But methinks the bigger story is how Czarina Gloria is now forming her own ‘KBL’.

The Kilusang Bagong Lipunan was formed by Ferdinand Marcos as he consolidated his hold on the Filipino body politic to legitimize the so-called ‘New Society’, the dictator’s martial law era construct, along with the mongrel called “democratic authoritarianism.”

To be fair, while corruption in the public service remains the black emblem of the Arroyo regime, the democratic institutions, dysfunctional as they are, perceived, can be described as ‘existing’.

The timing of the announced merger of KAMPI and Lakas is what should be closely scrutinized.

The House Committee on Constitutional Reforms is poised any day now to report out the resolution setting the formation of a body to craft amendments to the 1987 Constitution.

As this writer has previously reported, the plan, according to my sources deep inside the executive branch, is for an elected Constitutional Convention to convened, junking the widely criticized Constitutional Assembly (Con-Ass).

The ConCon, a throw-back to the 1971 body that Marcos convened, will have  a supposed sole mandate to relax the national patrimony provisions limiting foreign ownership in industries and businesses to 40%.

In reality is if and when a Con-Ass or ConCon is born, that deliberative body will be fully clothed with plenary powers.

This means it can touch any part of the Constitution, including the Transitory Provisions.

That’s where the rub is.

In the ensuing months, we will know if indeeed the May 10, 2010 willsee Filipinos electing a legitimately mandated President or if the Transitory Provisions will be overhauled to tailr-fit them to the GMA ‘KBL’ as the charter change bull goes out of the gate in this Year of the Ox,

The emergence of GMA’s own ‘KBL’ serves notice to the political opposition that it will be up against a juggernaut awash with a bottomless political war chest come 2010.


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