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The Cavite Fireworks Plant Tragedy

January 30, 2009


Mixing their ‘devout’ religious moorings and just-in-case-nothing-to-lose belief in Chinese Feng Shui, Filipinos celebrate Christmas, Gregorian calendar New Year, and Chinese New Year with much noise and flashy fireworks.
Pyrotechnics have also become fixture come-ons for theme bars and sprawling malls with night time promotions and crowd-drawing shows.
If the reports are true, this is why moments before yesterday’s horrific blast at that fireworks factory in Trece Martires City workers were seen testing their products.
There’s even emerging information that three 20-foot container vans holding the inventory of finished products served as the virtual bombs.
Woefully apparent in the incident which claimed at least 8 lives and wounded up to 70 people is the inadequacy of safety precautions.
The blast, heard within a radius of 5 to 7 kilometers created not one but for bomb-like craters with cell phone videocam images showing a mini A-bomb like mushroom cloud billowing from ground zero.
Negligence of the concerned public and private entities is being widely denounced with your usual politicians beating their chest saying remedial legislations must be crafted while the customary police task force is at work to find out what did cause the tragedy.
The finger-pointing will be in the news for several daysweeks until the story wears itself out.
The sad thing truly will be how the victims will soon be forgotten, much like the workers who meet their death at that giant shipyard in Subic and the victims of summary executions in Manila and Quezon City.
No one big rarely ever goes to jail for the tragedies.

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