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GMA Bats for The Poor But…

February 2, 2009


Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo struck the right notes in her remarks at the World Economic Forum in Davos,

She rightly put emphasis on how the poor should be factored in how global economic policies are shaped in the face of the current hard times (with the contagion triggered by greed and unsound practices on Wall Street.

To be fair, with a doctorate in economics from Georgetown University under her belt, she knews what she talked about.

Setting modesty aside, she even touted the Philippines’s macro-economic experience under her reign, taking credit of the sustained economic growth the country these past several years.

But I have a funny feeling in my tummy about how Mrs. Arroyo quite conveniently left out the following:

  • Hhow grinding poverty has barely eased in our cities and rural areas;
  • How corruption in the highest reaches of her government festers uncontrollably, and;
  • How even the World Bank was forced to blacklist Filipino construction firms for collusion with the air filled with talk about Arroyo’s own spouse is allegedly in bed with a favoured tongpats-giving contractor.

With her remarks in Davos sounding like a lecture, Mrs. Arroyo also did not mention how sustained efforts by concerned citizens to make her regime tell the truth about corruption scandals have been ignored and stone-walled.

If she had only used the World Economic Forum to give a candid and truthful accounting about her style of governance and her utter lack of public accountability, the applause she got would have been well deserved, even thunderous, perhaps.

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