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Angelo Reyes And The LPG Shortage

February 4, 2009


Angelo Reyes is an accomplished man by most standards.

He was former AFP Chief of Staff, former Environment and Natural Resources Secretary, and oh, yes he was also former national president of the Jaycees.

I also know he dreams of holding a high elective post in the future.

But I wonder if this prolonged liquefied petroleum gas shortage is proving to be his level of incompetence if not the measure of both his people skills and ability to work well under pressure.

In media, public and private sector meetings, and at legislative hearings I see and hear a man unable to cobble together consensus, much less craft real solutions to real problems.

He surely cannot wish away the LPG crisis by hectoring his industry stakeholders.

What seems obvious is how the oil companies have been less than candid with Mr. Reyes in how they delayed ordering their usual shipments of cooking gas in the face of slumping petroleum prices, resulting in the domino disruption of the supply chain.

The importations are choked, the allocation of the gas to refillers and resellers, legal and illegal , is wittingly delayed, and the unscrupulous profiteers hoard both filled and empty lpg cylinders.

The result: consumers are left with no choice but to buy lpd at bloated prices assuming they do find the precious product.

This reality the energy secretary claims to understand but the resolution of the problem eludes him.

On national radio this evening, Reyes was just his usual angry self.

People are now starting to ask if the energy secretary part of the solution or if he  is part of the problem.

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