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Hillary Ain’t Comin’ To Manila Just Yet

February 8, 2009

gma-hillary-quoteslorelei-quotewood-on-hillary-trip-itineraryMalacanang is happily announcing that American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be visiting Manila.

But the word from the deputy presidential spokesperson may have come prematurely.

The State Department’s own press officer has just announced that Mrs. Clinton will indeed be visiting 4 Asian capitals starting the 15th of February but Manila is not one of them.

The Palace spinmeisters will now have to quickly untangle this angle.

For the moment, at least, it can bask in the quite generous welcome statement the former US First Lady gave Mrs. Arroyo.

With the Filipino leader having returned before dawn today I guess she deserves to catch up on rest before plunging into work again.

Her plate will be overflowing again this week what with her husband being called to attend Senate hearings into his supposed bribe-taking in the scandal involving construction firms which the World Bank claims fraudulently colluded to corner road projects.

Malacanang is being characterized in weekend media reports as “distancing itself” from the scandal while the lawyers of First Gentleman Mike Arroyo say they need to know from the FG’s doctors “if he can withstand the rigors of a Senate hearing.

This given that he’s still undergoing rehab sessions twice a week after his recent open heart surgery.”

Administration critics continue to have their eyebrows raised incredulously.

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