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Big Mike Speaks Up

February 10, 2009

fg-denial-quoterondain-quoteSo it will be the doctors of First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo who’ll decide if he is well enough for a Senate grilling into the World Bank Report that has confidential witness fingering Mr. Arroyo as being directly involved in making road contractors cough up bribes to land WB-funded projects.

Thanks to an exclusive interview by GMA Network, Mr. Arroyo went on record today to deny the stories linking him to the latest scandal to rock the government of the day.

Mr. Arroyo’s own lawyer is even saying that the proposal of administration Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago for the First Gentlmen to give a deposition to Senate lawyers could be ruled out by Arroyo’s doctors.

At issue is just how well ‘Big Mike’ has recovered from the life-threatening open heart surgery he underwent last year for which he is still attends twice weekly physical rehab sessions.

Filipinos and the search for the truth will, as usual, take the back seat.

For his,and the country’s  sake, we pray Mr. Arroyo, and his heart, are well enough..

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