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Corruption’s Toll

February 10, 2009


The Philippine Star is quoting a ranking foreign “diplomat from a major donor country” as saying in no uncertain terms that the Philippines will take a hit in the wake of the simmering dispute between the Arroyo regime and the World Bank.

macdonald-quote-on-ec-views-re-rp-corruptionNo matter how this corner looks at the situation, the Arroyo regime’s inability to stem both the perception and reality of “entrenched” corruption will take its toll not on Gloria Macapagal Arroyp but on the Filipino people who are not only being robbed blind of their taxpayer money but now will be denied of foreign aid.

To be clear, no self-respecting society should ever be a global panhandler.

But what grates me is how, courtesy of the government of the day, we as a people are now increasingly seen as not worthy of trust to be given aid money.

Mrs. Arroyo (with her Ombudsman sitting on graft cases backed by weighty testimonial and documentary evidence) is leaving as one of  her dark legacies the picture of the Philippines as corrupt and untrustworthy.

Thanks but no thanks, Ma’am.

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