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Defense Through Obfuscation

February 11, 2009

The game has now turned in to who’ll blink first.

Through its allies, the Arroyo administration is trying to stare down the World Bank over the yet unseen-but-extensively-quoted report which details the modus operandi in  the collusion among road contractors, and the exaction of illegal commissions in road projects funded by the US=-led institution.

The defenders of the regime are now saying the World Bank is to blame for the bloated cost estimates and attendant fraud.


pichay-quote-on-wb-tiffCritics are, in turn, aghast over the obfuscation tactics along with how the government is feigning not to has access to the controversial findings.



The warning from the militant and influential Makati Business Club about where things are going should be instructive for Malacanang and its torch bearers.

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