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Inescapable Corruption Indictment

February 12, 2009

wb-bigmikeThe blind leading the blind with the latter only too willing to believe the worst about the central figure who is being demonized absent any proof resembling solid evidence.

This is my take on the World Bank blacklist as the continuing striptease about the contents of the 231-page report is revealing how badly the investigation was undertaken with the WB probers  depending mainly on anecdotes from witnesses  with self-serving or conflicting interests.

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism properly sums up the reports defects.


On the coin’s other side is the discovery by a consulting firm head by respected banker and former Marcos-era finance minister Cesar Virata: a practice where the entrenched cabal in the DPWH carries out ‘pre-disqualification” of contractors who are not part of bribe-laced contract-rigging activities.


So in this current scandal there is no apparent ‘smoking gun’ against Atty. Jose Miguel Arroyo.

Still, however, CORRUPTION is written all over the case.

Thus the indictment versus the Arroyo regime is still inescapable.

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