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Shoting The Messenger While Being Blind To Corruption

February 13, 2009

senate-and-three-monkeys-montage1The scene was almost surreal.

Senators battering  a global funding institution for gathering only “double hearsay” accounts of the fraudulent  practices of construction firms who’ve stayed in the good graces of the Department of Public Works and Highways despite being “debarred.”

To be fair to the senators who refused to see, hear, and say anything about the proof of evil-doing, the World Bank report is wanting of evidence that would stand up in court.

But as the institution now explains, it could operate only within its own administrative rules on investigating if borrowing member countries adhered to integrity parameters.

wb-statementClearly the onus is for governments to take follow the leads and use local institutions with proper investigative and prosecutorial powers to subpoena witnesses and hail felons to court now matter how high they reside in the social strata and the corridors of power.

At day’s end the World Bank is telling us that if its loan proceeds are stolen it is the Filipino people not American taxpayers who will be paying the sovereign debt.

Has the august institution of the Senate become populated by personalities several rungs lower than homo sapiens on Darwin’s ladder?

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