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Who’s In Control Down South?

February 13, 2009


Is the government of the day still in control of the national security situation in the country’s deep South?

Not if you ask the marauding Abu Sayyf nor the so-called renegade units of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

You want proof?

Well it’s a full month now since Andreas Notter of Switzerland, Italian Eugenio Vagni and Mary-Jean Lacaba were abducted right in downtown Jolo.

A  disgruntled jail guard reportedly colluded with the bandits who are said to be demanding at least PhP –M in ransom or what they call “reimbursement for board and lodging.”

The military says the area where the 3 Red Cross workers is being held has been pinpointed with a 4-square kilometer area with government troops “tightening” the dragnet.

When the hostages were first seen they were ‘visited’ by Sulu vice governor Anne Sahidullah, the same lady involved in the negotistion last year when broadcaster Ces Drilon was abducted.


Not a few are asking how it is that Saiidullah has convenient safe access to the abductors?

Can anyone explain this?

The worrisome situation is underlined by confirmation that elements of the extremist Jemah Islamiya Islamiya are working with the Abu Sayyaf in prolonging the abduction.

No there’s even breaking news about a Sri Lankan humanitarian worked also being abducted, this time in Basilan.

The incident takes on a dangerous tint as the government of Sri Lanka is described in reports as poised to deal a final blow against Tamil Tiger rebels.

The Sri Lankan aid worked snatched in Basilan could become the Tamil rebels’ bargaining chip.

Malcontents have the upperhand.

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