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Negativity And The World Bank Blacklist

February 14, 2009

agnew-quoteremonde-qutoe-on-wb-messSenator Miriam Defensor has made up her mind, nay, judged the World Bank as a “squatter” with its controversial report on the bribery-attended rigging of road contract biddings shot full of double hearsay.

While some may not agree with her abrasive style, the good lady senator did make some valid points this past week.

But Santiago is not the Philippine Senate so Malacanang will have to give its sufferance to further hearings next week no matter how “negative” the media reporting may be.

Santiago can take comfort in the fulsome praise showered on her by Press Secretary Cerge Remonde.

Not to make any unfair comparison but Sec. Remonde’s dig at “negativity” against the Arroyo regime brings to mind the immortal remark made by Nixon-era veep Spiro Agnew. (Agnew like his boss resigned in discrace and was even convicted of tax evasion charges.)

I have only admiration for Mr. Remonde and his credentials.

He is a credit to Pres. Arroyo.

But this writer thinks those in the administratio should  take a hard, hard look at the picture of “entrenched corruption” painted in the 230-page WB report before dismissing it simply as “chismis” and “political noise.”

They should,likewise, factor in what history’s verdict might be.

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