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Of Prostitution, Rape, And Other Indignities

February 16, 2009


There are no indications as yet exactly how long two parallel processes will take: firstly, the judicial review at appellate court level, and then at the SCORP, of the Regional Trial Court rape conviction of Lance Corporal Daniel Smith and secondly, the SCORP-mandated ‘re-negotiation of the GRP and USA on the disposition of Smith’s person.

In the blogosphere, in coffee shops, and barber shops the huntahans and to-and-fros are on what crime Smith did commit against his Filipina victim, her ‘profession, and why the hell we as a nation got here in the first place: negotiating with another sovereign, albeit, richer and powerful former colonial master, how we will apply a distinct segment of the Philippine Revised Penal Code on a transgressor.

While even an elementary school pupil or even an out of school younger knows what rape is, there’s a lot of hair-splitting about what we should do about Smith and whether his case is a bilateral issue which(if not resolved satisfactorily) could harm the relations of the two countries on its head.

After all as just affirmed in the Fil-Am USAFFE veterans Equity Aid package, the remaining 18,000 of the 250,000 Filipinos who fought side by side with their American GI buddies in the last Great War deserve lump sum compensation.

In the extreme we are hearing bellicose lawmakers saying the Visiting Force Agreement should be scuttled and never mind such action’s implications on the RP-US Mutual Defense Treaty and Uncle Sam’s sustained financial support for the Philippine military and Philippine development projects.

So it’s not really too hard for anyone to fathom why a big deal is being made about Daniel Smith that it is sidelining the debates on charter change, the World Bank blaklist and the other scandals adorning the record of the Arroyo regime. But me thinks this is not just about Nicole’s rape and Daniel’s R&R night in Subic gone sour.

It’s about our society’s attitude about our women being raped and our lot as an unequal ally of the world’s more powerful nation.

• Will Daniel’s conviction be affirmed and then the GI RELEASED FOR TIME RESERVED AND IMMEDIATELY GRANTED EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY BY Gloria Mavapagal Arroyo?

• Should the lawyer of Nicole just go with the flow and silently accept the final indignity on her client in the interest of the larger geopolitical good?

• Will the United States eat humble pie and just accept that Daniel serve out the remainder of his term in a Philippine penal facility?

• Will the case serve as a larger wake up call for RP-US relations to be redrawn and put on a more equitable plane as befits the post neo-colonial times and Barack Obama’s change agenda?

Ponder on these we should as students of contemporary history and inhabitants of this tiny, tiny area in the Pale Blue Dot.

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  1. jcc34 permalink
    February 16, 2009 11:24 pm


    there is too much politics in this case where it could be just treated an ordinary rape case. somehow djb was correct that the reds and Gabriela are tossing the case center stage for mileage. 🙂

  2. February 17, 2009 10:33 am


    That politics permeates an issue such as this is unavoidable. We are not in a vacuum. But focus on the injustice and how it must be corrected must not be lost.


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