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Possible Police Rubout Caúght On TV News

February 18, 2009

tv-patrol-montage1ABS-CBN’s  national prime-time evening news program, TV Patrol, has just aired chilling video footage showing elements of the Quezon City police apparently finishing off alleged car thieves after the three suspects were cornered near the corner of Epifanio Delos Santos Avnue and NIA Road late Tuesday night.

A fourth suspect reportedly escaped but the news footage showed lawmen shooting at the already motionless suspects at point-blank range still inside their Honda Civic car.

One particular frame showed a police officer firing at least three shots at one of the dead individuals already on the road pavement.

Human Rights Commission Chair Leila De Lima viewed footage of the incident together with officials of the National Police Commission.

They said it was apparent police officers “used excessive and unwarranted action.”

ABC-CBN reporter Joey Valderrama told news anchor Ted Failon one of the policemen told him he “shot the suspect because he was still moving.”

Relatives of one of the slain suspects, Romeo De Guzman, were interviewed on TV Patrol said their kin was innocent and had only been fetched by a friend to go to a party.

The Quezon City Police District chief Magtanggol Gatdula was quoted as saying they were still investigating the case and no one had yet filed a complaint to merit the suspension of the lawmen involved.

Other unnamed police officials were quoted as saying the suspects had already been under surveillance before the supposed shootout.

The incident immediately brings to mind the sensational Kuratong Baleleng kidnap-roberr suspects rub-out case and is certain to trigger renewed poubli uproar over police abuse and human rights violations.

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